Money – Financial Vagueness – Brassica

Financial vagueness what is that is it a new kind of food you eat?
When you are vague about our finances, you push away the things that can improve them.
Excessive debt
One of the ways Brassica financial vagueness is showing up each day for you is in the debt that you are carrying.
Staying in debt hurts you and not the banks.
The banks are happy to collect a very high interest and if you cannot pay they can take away part of your salary.
Of course this will affect your credit rating which will make it difficult to obtain credit in the future. Some will go as far as declaring bankruptcy.
Resistance to change is one of the many (big) difficulties that many people have in getting out of financial vagueness.
Unpleasant emotions
When you start looking at your financial debts you may bring to the surface unpleasant buried emotions. Most people will say that they did not know that these emotions were even there.
You may fear being embarrassed in front of others like family, friends, colleagues or the neighbours.
Poor money decisions
It is not always easy to accept and move on once you realize that you have made a poor money decision.
It is not healthy for your future to blame yourself or love ones because you were afraid to say stop.
Not having a solid love relationship where decisions to buying big items are not discussed can result in lots of arguing.
Financial awareness
Financial awareness starts with the willingness to break out of the cycle of financial vagueness.
Becoming financial aware is taking responsibility for how you have been treating yourself.
Choosing to become an adult and start putting aside 10% then 15% of your earnings can rebuild your sense of security.
Getting passed the discomfort
You can get control of financial vagueness when you start to get passed the discomfort and taking the time to look at all your bills.
Small steps
If you were to go to the gym and started working out, your trainer would suggest starting slowly. This is the same with finances. Start reading articles in financial journals even though you may not understand the terms used.
Conclusion: Breaking out of financial vagueness starts with a willingness to change and accepting to create a new identity.