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When I was a kid and pressing my luck, my mom liked to say I was “cruisin’ for a brusin’.” For the past week or so, I had it coming. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Saturday night, in an effort to share in the fun of the No-Blos up in Philly, a few So-Blos got together for a little home game in the Garage of slot hoki (GOO). The game was .25/.50 NL Hold’em with a maximum buy-in of $30. I’ve been really busy since then and continues to be, but the highlights bear a little web space. Here are the top five moments of the night. 1) After taunting BadBlood in recent weeks for getting him to lay down a hand to my hammer, I got what was coming to me. The bastard raised my Hilton Sisters pre-flop with the hammer, then got me to lay the girls down when a K came on the flop. If he had slammed the hammer any harder on the table, I would’ve run out of the room crying like Mike Matusow. 2) G-Rob made me run from the garage crying like Mike Matusow. He pushed all-in on the turn, when I held top pair (99) with an open ended straight draw. The board was 4678. G-Rob turned up Big Slick and caught the ace of spades on the river. That was a six-outer for those of you who are counting. He turned my stack into a bigger stack and walked away the second biggest winner of the night. 3) Team Scott Smith played the role of bad uncle. His nephew, Logan “The Kid”, had doubled his buy-in over the course of the night. When a Q fell on the river, it gave The Kid TPTK, but gave TSS the nut straight. The kid lost his entire stack on that hand. Bad uncle. 4) Little Willie (aka, my brother) was running bad early in the night. His wife had come to visit with Mrs. Otis and wandered through the garage. She silently noted his small stack and walked on. Little Willie re-bought. Then re-bought again. Later, Mrs. Little Willie walked back through and noticed the stack was bigger. She commented, “It looks like you’re doing better.” The table remained silent, knowing his stack was bigger, but his pocket was much lighter. The moment only lasted for a couple of seconds, when Shep drawled from across the table, “Well, he’s bought back in twice.” Silence. Then the table exploded with laughter that rivaled any other the rest of the night. Fortunately, Little Willie made a massive comeback and finished in the black for the night. 5) Tatwood, in a moment of sublime tilt, lost her entire stack. Twice. She left the room for a few minutes than returned with the second best one-liner of the night, “Can I write somebody a check?” Thanks to all who played, especially CJ and Little Willie for coming so far for a little garage game.

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