Money – Financial Vagueness – Brassica

Financial vagueness what is that is it a new kind of food you eat?
When you are vague about our finances, you push away the things that can improve them.
Excessive debt
One of the ways Brassica financial vagueness is showing up each day for you is in the debt that you are carrying.
Staying in debt hurts you and not the banks.
The banks are happy to collect a very high interest and if you cannot pay they can take away part of your salary.
Of course this will affect your credit rating which will make it difficult to obtain credit in the future. Some will go as far as declaring bankruptcy.
Resistance to change is one of the many (big) difficulties that many people have in getting out of financial vagueness.
Unpleasant emotions
When you start looking at your financial debts you may bring to the surface unpleasant buried emotions. Most people will say that they did not know that these emotions were even there.
You may fear being embarrassed in front of others like family, friends, colleagues or the neighbours.
Poor money decisions
It is not always easy to accept and move on once you realize that you have made a poor money decision.
It is not healthy for your future to blame yourself or love ones because you were afraid to say stop.
Not having a solid love relationship where decisions to buying big items are not discussed can result in lots of arguing.
Financial awareness
Financial awareness starts with the willingness to break out of the cycle of financial vagueness.
Becoming financial aware is taking responsibility for how you have been treating yourself.
Choosing to become an adult and start putting aside 10% then 15% of your earnings can rebuild your sense of security.…

Tunisia 2:0 Australia Bitcoin Dice


The African champions salvaged some Bitcoin Dice pride in Leipzig’s Zentralstadion tonight with a 2:0 win over a disappointing Australia, who now exit the tournament with three defeats.


Strikes from Santos in the 26th and 70th minute gave coach Roger Lemerre, who won the last Confederations Cup with France, something to smile about after back to back losses against Argentina and Germany whilst his opposite number Frank Farina lamented his side’s “schoolboy errors” that once more condemned Australia to fail once more to step up to the plate on the world soccer stage.


The magnificent Leipzig arena was only filled with 29 of its 45,000 capacity and as an almighty electrical storm illuminated the second half of a match that was always going to play second fiddle to the Germany v Argentina game being played at the same time and between two teams that had already been eliminated.


Neither side wanted to leave the tournament with a blank slate and this time as last with New Zealand in 2003, it fell to Oceania’s representatives to bring home the wooden spoon. But Tunisia also exit the competition with wounded pride having failed to emulate Cameroon, who as African champions reached the Confederations Cup final last time around.


A scrappy match was decided by two goals from Toulouse marksman Santos, although he will have appreciated the two fortuitous ‘assists’ from the Australian defence that allowed him to strike. His first goal came courtesy of an aerial collision between Blackburn’s Lucas Neill and the unsteady Australian reserve keeper Michael Petkovic, in response to a cross from Mehdi Nafti. The ball fell perfectly for Santos gratefully tapped in to an open goal.


His second goal arrived thanks to Craig Moore’s unfortunate interception of a Tunisian pass which …

Sbobet Indonesia Poker in Chicago:


Plenty of free parking… and the only poker room in Northwest Indiana… This is part of what you’ll hear when you enter the lobby at Harrah’s as a part of their promotional pre-recorded message which greets visitors to their casino. Harrah’s Casino is located on the south end of Lake Michigan, in a town called East Chicago, Indiana. Only 20 minutes from downtown Chicago, Harrah’s regularly attracts poker players from the surrounding areas, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. I currently live in Champaign, Illinois (about 2 hours south), and play mostly just on weekends due to the fact that this is my only free time to play.


Harrah’s Showboat Casino is housed on a riverboat called the Windstar, now permanently docked at Pastrick Marina, just off Cline Avenue. The Windstar has four levels – levels one and two housing an assortment of Sbobet Indonesia slot machines and video poker, and level three housing more slots and table games such as Blackjack, Craps, and Caribbean Stud, which I mostly try to steer clear of. Level four contains a high-limit room with Blackjack, Bacarrat and Pai-Gow poker, and most important to me, a 15-table poker room. Hours of operation of the casino are 8:00 am to 5:00 am, and you can always find a poker game during these hours.


If you’re from out of town, and need a place to stay, Harrah’s offers luxury accommodations in their new 293-room hotel, opened just last year, and adjacent to the Casino. There are also plenty of local hotels and motels close to the casino, with a wide range of room rates.


Even though Harrah’s does not have the only poker room in Chicago Land, it carries the distinction of being the largest and by far the most successful, spreading …




Situs Judi Poker Online itu ada kelemahan nya ,kalian main uda berapa lama di Poker Online ?

Kira2 pernah terlintas gak bahwa sebenar nya ada kesalahan fatal dari Situs Judi Poker Online yang kita mainkan selama ini ?

Sudah tau belum ? oke deh Situs judi akan langsung sebutkan saja salah satu nya ,permainan nya ONLINE .


ONLINE adalah kelemahan utamanya dari Situs Judi Poker ,ada lagi si kelemahan lain nya .

Tapi di artikel ini kita hanya bahas mengenai kelemahan dari Online dan cara memanfaatkan nya jadi uang buat kita.

Kalau kalian main kartu secara langsung ( bukan Online ) hal curang apa yang biasa di lakukan kalau mau menang ?

Ngintip kartu lawan ? kerja sama ? main team atau keroyok 1 orang ?

Ya benar cara tersebut sangat efektif untuk menang tapi susah di aplikasikan karena mudah ketahuan.


Tapi kalau kita main ONLINE maka hal ini sulit ketahuan ,bahkan bisa di bilang mustahil.

Wahh uda kebayang dong apa yang ingin kalian lakukan ?

Benar cara yang mau Situs Judi berikan kali ini adalah cara kerjasama,mengintip kartu ,dan main keroyokan.

Kalau uda mengerti pasti uda tau dong cara ini akan beri efek 100% menang.



Takut di kunci akun nya karena ini curang ? gak bisa masuk meja yang sama ? keluar keterangan IP berubah ??


Keterangan IP Berubah

Cara mengatasi nya cukup mudah,pertama kita harus tau apa penyebab nya keluar keterangan IP berubah .

Ip berubah itu di karenakan ada penggunakan Ip yang sama (jaringan yang sama).

2 akun yang berbeda atau sama login di jaringan yang sama ,atau wifi yang sama makanya akan keluar keterangan Ip berubah ( di anggap login 2 x ).

Jadi kalau mau main di meja yang sama maka …

Toto HK And The Person

If you are playing with someone for the first time, you will be able to tell a lot about the person simply by watching him or her play Toto HK There are three basic personas to work with when watching someone play poker. The first persona is the safe player. This player is the risk averse person. This person loves stability in life. He or she wants to avoid any kind of risk as much as possible. If you give him or her a portfolio of stocks, this person will select the least risky and the one with the least return. Safe poker players are likely to lose at poker. They will not be able to see the opportunities coming their way.
The second persona that you can work with when playing with a poker player is the wild and risky player. This player is the type of player that goes all in with a two and three off suit. This type of player is wild. He or she will be calling all sorts of things out of the norm. This type of person will be playing poker like a mad dog. This poker player does not care about winning or losing, all this person cares about is being wild and doing things out of the norm. Although this person may hit the jackpot once in a while, he or she is still likely to have cumulative losses in his or her entire poker career.
The third persona that you will work with at poker is the balanced person. There is nothing more perfect than a balanced life. There is nothing more perfect that being able to balance risk and return. If you some across the type of player that is balanced, you should be prepared to fight a long …

Canadian Laws Prohibit Promotions by Internet เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Comapanies, on TV

Canadian laws pertaining to criminal code are being re-examined. The reason behind this is, to forbid casinos from advertising on television. Earlier, United States has already made a move in this direction, wanting to curb internet poker companies from using television as a medium of promotion. Jim Patterson who is the CEO of the Television Bureau of Canada, says that the new criminal code totally 1x bet prohibits on-line gambling. Since promoting any illegal activity is against law, no promotions or advertisements will be approved if they lure the viewer to play for cash. However, every law seems to have a loophole and this one is idman Azərbaycan no exception. Even though Canadian TV stations cannot show advertisements of poker sites, they can show “play money” commercials for organizations such as เเทงหวยออนไลน์. Cleverly, these playsites have similar names and end with .net instead of the usual dot com. reports: Toronto based internet consultant Rick Broadhead is quick to point out that allowing this practice makes Canadian regulators look foolish. Mr. Patterson, who runs Telecaster (Canadian TV station) in addition to playing a role at the Television Bureau of Canada, sympathizes with Broadheawd but feels there are line regulatory agencies shouldn’t cross. Mac Users Can Now Play Online Poker Without Using Extra Virtual PC Software Programs Online Poker For Macs provided by, has been created for mac users. Normally Mac users have to buy costly virtual PC software programs. The site lets users play online poker, without having to use extra software. Presently there is an increasing trend, whereby many people make a living by playing online poker. This new site has the best promotions. Other attractions include, $100 free for each customer and entries into several other free rolls. This site also lets players join poker …



There’s a very kind woman, a weathergirl, at a local TV station, who has a problem with e-mail. Let’s call her the “brick.” She moved to the South from a small midwestern town, and had no premonition of the impending culture shock. Her interview with the station, where she’s on the air right now, went well. She’s incredibly qualified for the sbobet job, has all the seals and certifications, and the other employees, her co-workers and new friends, thought she was a joy to be around.

So why isn’t she happy?

E-mail is a bitch.


There are a million ways to suffer the slings and arrows. These days, the archer remains unseen. Otis says the most outwardly egotistical are usually the most sensitive, which means he watches too much Dr. Phil. But beneath every silly pop-psych gimmick is a glimmer of obvious truth. I have a big ego and I’m a very sensitive guy.

I wonder sometimes about the chatter in online poker. It’s competitive by its nature, but usually its just nasty. I used to enjoy a stupid ramble with the dopes from Missoula or Mississippi, I’d tell them I’m watching “Alien vs Predator” and they’d tell me it’s awful. Again, that’s obvious, but people feel its worth a mention.

These days I have to ignore the whole thing. Half the time you get the baiters, who want to push you off your game. I’m not easily susceptible to that. The rest are whining like children over a beat, not always bad. How many times have we seen some douchebag bust out of a $5MTT on a very bad beat, and then launch into a hateful tirade like someone raped his mother? Grow up moron, you can’t buy a pack of Vegas smokes for that. It’s …

toto hk -2008 World Championship of Online Poker


September ushers in the return of the toto hk World Championship of Online Poker. This year, the 2008 WCOOP will be the largest online poker tournament series in the entire world with a guaranteed prize pool of $30,000,000! The series starts September 5 and satellites are running now and will be all summer, so now is the time to qualify!

The 2008 WCOOP consists of 33 events, including the $10,000,000 guaranteed Main Event on September 21. A large range of games will be featured throughout the series: Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, HORSE, and 2-7 Draw. Each event has a large guarantee prize pool and a cash prize and bracelet for the winner. Many of the prize pools total more than $2,000,000!

Seats for the WCOOP can be bought directly or won via Pokerstars satellities. Cash qualifiers start at just $2.20 and FPP satellites at only 100 FPP.

The 2008 WCOOP schedule is as follows:

Event 1 – Fri, Sep 5 14:30 ET, $215 NL Hold’em [6-max] $1,000,000 Guarantee

Event 2 – Fri, Sep 5 16:30 ET, $215 PL 5-Card Draw $100,000 Guarantee

Event 3 – Sat, Sep 6 14:30 ET, $215 Limit Hold’em $300,000 Guarantee

Event 4 – Sat, Sep 6 16:30 ET, $215 2-7 Triple Draw $100,000 Guarantee

Event 5 – Sun, Sep 7 14:30 ET, $10,300 High-Roller NL Hold’em $2,000,000 Guarantee

Event 6 – Sun, Sep 7 16:30 ET, $530 NL Hold’em* $3,000,000 Guarantee

Event 7 – Mon, Sep 8 14:30 ET, $215 PL Omaha [6-max] $300,000 Guarantee

Event 8 – Mon, Sep 8 16:30 ET, $320 8-game Mixed Event $200,000 Guarantee

Event 9 – Tue, Sep 9 14:30 ET, $215 NL Hold’em [4-max] $400,000 Guarantee

Event 10 – Tue, Sep 9 16:30 ET, $215 Razz $100,000 Guarantee

Event 11 – Wed, Sep 10 14:30 ET, $320 …

Amazon SEO Ranking Hacks: Optimize Your Listing to Rank Private Label Products Higher and to Increase Sales on Amazon

If you want to grow a business on Amazon you need to understand how Amazon search algorithm works. Well it is sound obvious but you would be surprised, most business people who operate on Amazon have no clue how Amazon ranks and delivers search results.
Three times as many buyers search for products to buy on Amazon than Google. Think about it, where do you go if you need to know if a product is a good investment? Where do you go if you want to know the best deal on anything? from digital music to shoes, Amazon right?
Yet you probably did not pay attention to how the amazon search engine works, much less consider it as a marketing way worth optimizing for. From my experience, most of the marketers are still spending time trying to optimizing their Amazon listings for Google. What if you knew how to rank on Amazon instead? Think about it, you would have three times more ready to buy customers than you would ever get in Google. You would do it in a fraction of a time too. In this book you are going to find out how to do it.
Inside of this Book, You’ll learn…
Three times as many buyers search for products to buy on Amazon than Google. What if you knew how to rank on Amazon? [Intro]
How I got out of $100K debt and built a business on AUTOPILOT that brings in over $10K every single month. [My Story]
You will understand how Amazon Product Search A9 Algorithm works. [Fundamentals]
Learn how you can optimize your products for these top Seven Customer satisfaction and retention Factors.
Learn how you can optimize your products for these top Eight Conversation Rate Factors.
Learn how you can optimize your products for these …

P-K-R’s Christmas Cracker


Have you been playing on PKR lately? No? Well, here is one reason why you should!, the most innovative poker room on the internet today, is launching a generous Christmas offer to keep its customers busy and happy during the holiday season. Dubbed the “PKR Christmas Cracker,” this series of events will last for 12 days and will have big guaranteed prizes running every single night. On Dec 27th, it will have a 100,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack event, so be ready for some serious poker!

Oh, one more thing: to show its Christmas spirit, the first prize finishers AKA tourney winners will also get a nice gift, which can be anything from a PlayStation 3, a Nintendo Wii, two bottles of Cuvee Cristal 2002, all the way up to Home Cinemas, Cameras, Blu-Ray Players and more. Do not miss your chance to win these great prizes!

PKR will not be offering any sort of satellites or qualifiers into these events, which means that the only way to participate in these events is to buy in direct. The only event which will have qualifiers and satellites will be the PKR Masters.

Play at the 2008 situs slot deposit pulsa LAPT Nuevo Vallarta tournament was suddenly stopped by gaming officials late on the first day of the event, leaving 89 players out of a field of 242 entrants wondering if they’d get to play on. The players were hurriedly ushered out of the tournament room, leaving their chips behind on the tables, after the tournament director announced that play was suspended until further notice. After the room was vacated there was no further news until near midnight a couple of hours later, when players were advised to return at noon on Saturday for an update.

Today, the Latin American Poker …

Garage Poker slot hoki

When I was a kid and pressing my luck, my mom liked to say I was “cruisin’ for a brusin’.” For the past week or so, I had it coming. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Saturday night, in an effort to share in the fun of the No-Blos up in Philly, a few So-Blos got together for a little home game in the Garage of slot hoki (GOO). The game was .25/.50 NL Hold’em with a maximum buy-in of $30. I’ve been really peluang menang game kartu idn poker hanya bersama kami poker369 yang mendapatkan sertifikat resmi. busy since then and continues to be, but the highlights bear a little web space. Here are the top five moments of the night. 1) After taunting BadBlood in recent weeks for getting him to lay down a hand to my hammer, I got what was coming to me. The bastard raised my Hilton Sisters pre-flop with the hammer, then got me to lay the girls down when a K came on the flop. If he had slammed the hammer any harder on the table, I would’ve run out of the room crying like Mike Matusow. 2) G-Rob made me run from the garage crying like Mike Matusow. He pushed all-in on the turn, when I held top pair (99) with an open ended straight draw. The board was 4678. G-Rob turned up Big Slick and caught the ace of spades on the river. That was a six-outer for those of you who are counting. He turned my stack into a bigger stack and walked away the second biggest winner of the night. 3) Team Scott Smith played the role of bad uncle. His nephew, Logan “The Kid”, had doubled his buy-in over the course of the night. When a Q fell …

Smooth Sailing for the Best Shave

Shaving is like brushing your teeth. It is generally a hassle, but it needs to be done, and the results are always satisfying. That is, unless you have a fight with your shaver every day. Here are some facts and tips to ensure your daily shave goes smoothly.

Your legs must be wet for at least two to three minutes before applying your shaving cream. That way the hair is soft and pliable, easier to cut. Don’t use soap, it just dries out your legs and makes for a poor shave.

Make sure you have the right tool. There are various styles of shavers, but not all legs or hair growth are the same. Triple blades work well, but no matter the blade type you use, change it frequently. If not done carefully, shaving can irritate the skin, the hair follicle, and the oil gland, which causes a rash. Ingrown hairs also pose a chance of infection. See a dermatologist for the right solution.

Choose a shaving cream or gel that contains emollients for a hydrating effect, and one that is fragrance free to avoid irritation to your skin. Steer away from products that contain irritants including alcohol, menthol and peppermint. Find yourself out of shaving cream? Hair conditioner or body cleanser works just fine.

Apply even pressure and shave against the growth of hair. Follow up with a moisturizer to keep your skin moist and supple. (Read about Moisturizers), but avoid creams with AHAs because the glycolic acid can irritate freshly-shaven skin. Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here

Indeed there are. While temporary hair removal can be done by shaving, waxing or by epilation (electrolysis and thermolysis) another method is removing hair with a laser.

What …

keluar sgp Leaderboards – Current Leaders August 15th

Hello readers, welcome to Friday and another keluar sgp Leaderboard update. We’re now half way into the month, which means that the monthly race is starting to get exciting and we should begin to see who will have the best chance of winning it all for August. To see what Bodog players are trying to win, please click here for the first Bodog Leaderboard article on To see a full list of standings for today, please click here. To see the Bodog network page, please click this link: As always, let’s first take a look at the winners from last week’s weekly leaderboard. Here were the top three: 1. vinnyb9 – 2052 pts 2. manderbutt – 1937 pts 3. thatsNice – 1894 pts Congratulations to vinnyb9, who absolutely dominated last week’s race – he was in first place for 6 days out of the week! I’m glad to see him finally win a leaderboard because he’s been in the top ten of both the weekly and monthly standings so often  without actually winning. Manderbutt placed 2nd for the week and thatsNice placed 3rd. ThatsNice just keeps showing up at the top of these leaderboard standings – when is he finally going to win something? Now for some new standings – here is the top ten for the current week: 1. sabonis – 1249 pts 2. mr_dynomite – 1249 pts 3. ParliGod – 1198 pts 4. nevertilt22 – 1175 pts 5. Troy111 – 1112 pts 6. Swany420 – 1098 pts 7. andyvanslyke – 1050 pts 8. jackieboy – 977 pts 9. grewsum2sum – 959 pts There are many familiar names in the list, but I don’t recognize the name of the person in the number one spot. Sabonis, new to me, is currently tried for 1st place with mr_dynomite. Mr_dynomite, …