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keluar sgp Leaderboards – Current Leaders August 15th


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Hello readers, welcome to Friday and another keluar sgp Leaderboard update. We’re now half way into the month, which means that the monthly race is starting to get exciting and we should begin to see who will have the best chance of winning it all for August. To see what Bodog players are trying to win, please click here for the first Bodog Leaderboard article on To see a full list of standings for today, please click here. To see the Bodog network page, please click this link: As always, let’s first take a look at the winners from last week’s weekly leaderboard. Here were the top three: 1. vinnyb9 – 2052 pts 2. manderbutt – 1937 pts 3. thatsNice – 1894 pts Congratulations to vinnyb9, who absolutely dominated last week’s race – he was in first place for 6 days out of the week! I’m glad to see him finally win a leaderboard because he’s been in the top ten of both the weekly and monthly standings so often  without actually winning. Manderbutt placed 2nd for the week and thatsNice placed 3rd. ThatsNice just keeps showing up at the top of these leaderboard standings – when is he finally going to win something? Now for some new standings – here is the top ten for the current week: 1. sabonis – 1249 pts 2. mr_dynomite – 1249 pts 3. ParliGod – 1198 pts 4. nevertilt22 – 1175 pts 5. Troy111 – 1112 pts 6. Swany420 – 1098 pts 7. andyvanslyke – 1050 pts 8. jackieboy – 977 pts 9. grewsum2sum – 959 pts There are many familiar names in the list, but I don’t recognize the name of the person in the number one spot. Sabonis, new to me, is currently tried for 1st place with mr_dynomite. Mr_dynomite, poker369 yang mendapatkan sertifikat  contrast, is very familiar to me, having won a weekly leaderboard this month already, and also one back in June. ParliGod, in 3rd right now, is also extremely familiar, as he won a weekly leaderboard back in July and placed second on the monthly leaderboard last month, too. One name that I’m a little excited to see in that list is that of andyvanslyke – I haven’t seen him around as much as when I first started covering the Bodog leaderboards. Perhaps he took a break from tournaments and is now just getting back into the game. Moving away from the weekly leaderboard, let’s now look at the monthly leaderboard for August. Here is the current top ten: 1. vinnyb9 – 3534 pts 2. manderbutt – 3393 pts 3. thatsNice – 3162 pts 4. good82 – 3024 pts 5. Troy111 – 3020 pts 6. grewsum2sum – 2946 pts 7. ParliGod – 281 pts 8. whatever877 – 2705 pts 9. Killa_Tyven – 2649 pts 10. nevertilt22 – 2648 pts Looking at this updated list, some of the names have shifted around and there are new names that weren’t there last Friday. The one thing that did not change, however, is the name in the first place – vinnyb9′s strong finish on the weekly leaderboard last week helped him hold on to the top spot with 3534 points. Manderbutt, the player who finished second on last week’s leaderboard, is following close behind with 3393 points, and thatsNice rounds out the top 3 with 3162 points. You may notice that the top three for the month right now consists of the same people who won last week’s weekly leaderboard, and I found that strange as well! I assure you that I double checked to make sure that I was, indeed, looking at monthly standings and not weekly standings. Killa_Tyven, the guy in 2nd place last week, slipped down a few spots and is in 9th place this week. Panicked, the 3rd place player last week, slipped all the way down to his 14th spot this week. Looking at the monthly top ten, the one glaring absence is that of alienface. Where is he? I did a search and he is not even in the top 150 for the month of August right now. So then comes the obvious question: is he playing regularly and running bad, or is he just not playing? It will be interesting to see if he shows up in the second half of August – he’s a great player, so you never know. Be sure to come back next Friday to see if he appears on either of the leaderboards one week from now!

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