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Rental Truck Company | Flatbed Truck Hire


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How do you choose your rental truck from U-Haul, Penske, Budget, or Ryder? One good place to start their websites. You can get a free quote from each company, and you can find out what sizes of trucks they provide and if you can also rent or buy accessories.


If you are trying to make an educated decision about getting a Flatbed Truck Hire to use for making a move, the company websites are a good place to get started. Four of the largest of the rental truck companies are Budget, Penske truck, U-Haul, and Ryder. There are other companies on a smaller scale, as well as companies that offer slightly different services, like ‘you pack, we drive’.


One way to compare rates is to invent a possible trip, or use the one you need to make, and run the details through the rate finder on each of the sites. If you do this, you are likely to find out that the rates of the four companies are basically comparable. Your choice will depend on how close you can find agents for rental truck pick up and drop off, as well as other considerations.


Budget offers a cargo van, a 10-foot rental truck, a 16-foot truck, and a 24-foot truck. Budget has the easiest rental truck website for planning your reservations. They advertise that they replace a quarter of their trucks every year and try not to keep old trucks. They have 2,800 locations so you are likely to find one near you.


Penske advertises that their rates won’t change, and that they won’t add unforeseen charges. The Penske website offers a special wizard for determining what sizes of boxes you will need, along with the number of each type needed. Penske offers four sizes: 12-foot, 16-foot, 22-foot, and 26-foot long.


U-Haul probably has more convenient locations for pick up than some of the other companies. They provide a wide array of trailers, accessories, and trailer hitches, along with a rental truck selection that contains many different types. Trucks are available in 10-foot long, 14-foot, 17-foot, 24-foot, and 26-foot sizes. All have a cab over except the smallest of these.


Ryder requires you to take the rental truck back to the original location. They do allow you to cancel reservations if you allow at least 24 hours notice. Ryder offers four types of vehicles. They have a panel van, a 12 to 14 foot rental truck they call a parcel van, a 14 to 16 foot truck they call a city van, and a straight truck that is 24 to 26 feet long.


If you are in the market for a Flatbed Truck Hire, you are probably considering getting a truck from one of the biggest truck rental companies. These companies offer competitive rates and services. Whether you have a good experience with them or a nightmare will depend mostly on the local agents.



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