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Social Media and the New Voice of Plastic Surgeons – Explained by Non-surgical nose job


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Can Botox wash away your blues? Is a mini-eyelift for you? If your looking for the answer search for #plasticsurgery on Twitter, where you will find thousands of related questions covered. It’s not just Twitter that is addressing plastic surgery topic for inquiring patients. In you are interested in learning about “Non-surgical nose job“, visit this website “” today.

Visit Pinterest for a collage of before/after noses, Facebook for patient testimonials, YouTube for post-op video diaries and even Linkedin for doctor credentials. The large majority of this information is coming strait from the source, or from actual doctors. The list of social media in which they participate is vast and the cloud of information they provide grows larger by the minute. One thing is clear in the midst of all the available information- to be a top, recognized surgeon one must be willing to participate.

Top surgeons should be able to focus on what they do best: surgery. In the current day the competitive nature of plastic surgery does not allow for this to be the sole focus of their practice, in which many surgeons have opted to outsource (or even in source) marketing to keep up with the competition. The key is for this marketing person/company to truly get to know the surgeon and their practice, as formulating their unique character online cannot be done without a thorough understanding of what truly distinguishes the surgeon both in and out of the OR.

From a surgeon’s college degree to their favorite technique to what he/she prefers to lunch: it all matter in the online game of social media. The truth is a social media savvy inquiring patient wants the full picture of a surgeon before they are ready to set-up a consultation. This type of patient consumer looks beyond A+ credentials- they want to know the surgeon as a person AND surgeon, ranging from personality to affect on the online population. Does he/she sound confident during a YouTube discussion on favorite Rhinoplasty techniques? How many Facebook likes/comments does the surgeon’s fanpage have and are they all favorable? Do any of my friends/colleagues follow the surgeon on twitter and whom does HE/SHE choose to follow? Did the surgeon tweet today and was I actually interested in what he had to share? The thinking process of this consumer is unique and far more complex then it was 10 years ago. All details count, and tallying them up to keep up with other doctors can be challenging and requires ample effort.

New patients are not the only ones online. The information available addresses all stages of the plastic surgery cycle, from finding a doctor to healing tips and testimonials after surgery. Posting a question on your surgeons fanpage or twitter feed will elicit responses from his supporting community, many of them former patients. One can even sit back and watch YouTube video diaries on what to expect everyday after surgery or even get answers strait from the doctor.

As daunting as the social media game can be it also provides an invaluable (and free!) outlet for a surgeon to share their wisdom, unique character and popularity beyond the typical referral, press mention or directory listing. There are now a multitude of ways to share information and experiences on highly individualized basis, with is beneficial to both the patient and surgeon. The voice of a surgeon is heard in the form of images, videos and words, all of which can be incredibly helpful for both before and after surgery.

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