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What are the tips for identifying the spider mites on the cannabis plants?


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If you are a farmer and farm the cannabis plants in your garden, you must have the spider mites in that cannabis. If you do not know about these mites, you can feel the presence of cannabis spider mites by analyzing some simple signs. First of all, if you see the yellow, orange, or white spots on the leaves of cannabis, then it would be the spider mites who are biting the leaves of the cannabis.


After that, you will see that premature leaves of the cannabis are dying so early because the spider mites are sucking all the contents from those leaves by biting them regularly. If you see these signs in your cannabis plants, then you can have an idea that these are the spider mites that are ruining the leaves of cannabis, and you need to take some essential steps to get rid of them. There are some steps by which you can take some help in this situation, and those steps will be highlighted in the upcoming paragraphs. 


Steps to kill the spider mite from the cannabis


  • Create an icy environment near them 


First of all, you need to know the nature of the spider mites, which means you need to know that what type of environment is liked by the spider mites, and you do not need to create that environment in their area. Have a look at their nature, the spider mites love to be in a heated room, and they hate the windy environment because they cannot get proper oxygen in the windy environment. 


That is why you need to produce a windy environment in the grow room of cannabis plants. Once you create a windy environment near them, then it will hard for them to reproduce eggs and live long. 


  • A fan can help you a lot


As mentioned above, the spider mites get destroyed by the windy environment. Therefore you need to place a fan blowing over the cannabis plants because that fan will create a windy environment, which leads to the death of spider mites.


 Along with that, the hard air of the fan will hit them hard, by which they will fall on the ground, and once they fall on the ground, then they will not be able to move here and there. And if they are not able to move here and there, then they will not collect food to eat, which also results in their death. In this way, a fan can be your helping hand in this situation. 


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