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The Indiana General Assembly killed a bill that would’ve resulted in almost $200 million a year Tuesday. It would’ve provided many jobs for unemployed Hoosiers and would’ve stabilized two very important industries in Indiana, as well as provide extra money for this destitute state.


Why was this bill killed? Because it contained the dirtiest word Hoosiers have ever come across in the history of this land: gambling. Yes, gambling. Apparently, this is worse than murder, premarital sex, smoking in a restaurant and using your cell phone while driving.


The bill in question would’ve put 2,500 slot machines in each of the two horse tracks in Indiana (Indiana Downs in Shelbyville and Hoosier Park in Anderson), and would’ve generated around $200 million in revenue. But for some reason, legislators are scared of gambling and pull-tabs. Apparently, if we have those, Indiana will go to hell, and demons will walk the land.


I hate to shock the legislators and activists, but gambling already goes on in the horse tracks. Why is there a difference between betting on a horse and pulling a slot? There isn’t.


Let’s face it: gambling is gambling. Deciding that one way is more moral than the other is ridiculous.


Yes, I have gambled at the track. Yes, I have enjoyed it, and yes, I’ll do it again.


Go ahead, activists, ostracize me.


I love my state and I love my morals, but I don’t see those two things conflicting with my love of the horse industry.


My parents and grandparents own horses that race at both Hoosier Park and Indiana Downs, and I have seen firsthand how badly the slots are needed both for that industry and for Indiana in general.


The people involved in the horse-racing industry have to face bad conditions, lower purses and extreme hostility from the state already. Many of the good ones are already starting to move onto different tracks, which is leaving the 164,800 people directly involved in the Indiana racing industry (owners, drivers, jockeys, employees of the track, etc.) with the risk of being out of a job.


Like it or not, Indiana is in dire economic straits. We’re beyond the point where we can say “this is immoral,” or “we’ll find a different way.” Apparently, the legislature is only open to taxing everyone at extremely high rates instead of being creative and letting the burden go to people who are willing. We’re beyond the time of legislating morality – we need Togel Singapore money. ISU students would benefit directly from this bill being passed. Angry about the tuition increase?


Instead of it increasing next year, this bill could’ve made more money available to fund higher education. Instead tuition could be rising every year.


Enjoy the Colts?


You may be forced to enjoy Los Angeles if we can’t get enough revenue for them (and this industry is needed too – ask the people who own stores around the RCA Dome).


I saw in a paper Tuesday that while this win-win bill is dead, it has decided to keep a bill increasing class size and cutting money from education.


We’re going to see many more bills like this if money is not raised. It’s a shame the legislators had a golden bill in their hands and decided to be holier-than-thou rather than helping Indiana.



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